About us

#GoRogue with Rogue Panda Apparel Company


Rogue Panda Apparel Company has humble beginnings as a side project. Owner and head designer, Amanda Carlson, began by selling graphic t-shirt designs through a variety of online marketplaces.

In 2016, after reasonable success elsewhere, Rogue Panda gained its own online identity with the launch of RoguePandaApparel.com.

Since then, Rogue Panda Apparel Company has expanded from cute graphic tees to offer a full line of apparel, stickers, and household accessories. We’ve also established ourselves as a unique partner option for groups and businesses, providing options other vendors can’t.

You could say we like to #GoRogue to upgrade your lifestyle.


The name and the panda mark of Rogue Panda Apparel company is important to the model of the brand. It’s simultaneously cute and filled with no-holds-barred attitude.

Like our logo, we offer our customers options to be cute and unassuming, or bold and daring in their lifestyle choices. Our designs are unlike anyone else’s on the market and so is our brandmark.


The brand colors are designed to be bright and bold, like the brand itself. It should stand out from the crowd and draw you in at the same time.

The pure magenta is both warm and cool; bold and in your face while still being a subtle accent. It’s the perfect way to create brand balance in all we do.

#GoRogue with Rogue Panda Apparel Company


Our products are life tested and mother approved for quality, fit, and feel from some of the top brands on the market. We have highly vetted our print production vendors to ensure top-level print standards for our entire catalog of products.

Our standard products are all print-on-demand, which reduces cost and increases product options by not having on-hand stock. Our apparel is printed using the latest Direct to Garment (DTG), sublimation, or traditional screen technology. Our accessories are printed using sublimation, UV, or laser engraving.

When it comes to our custom orders, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our vendors, which ensures our customers get the exact product they want at the price point they need. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better customer and product production experience.


At Rogue Panda Apparel Company, we have a design and/or product for everyone. Our customers are family and we want to keep it that way.

We often find ourselves bending over backwards to meet custom requests for designs or unusal products, tight deadlines for group orders, or handling issues that happen with orders on occasion.

From the first timers to the repeat customers, our goal is always to make the customer #1. It’s their lifestyle; we just make it happen.

“I Bought the Minnesota Home design for my son for Christmas. Thanks so much - he’s gonna love it! Apparently it’s the “in” thing right now.”
- Sara S.

“The Nebraska Corn mugs are the perfect gifts for my friends and family who have moved away from the homeland!”
- Claire D.

“The masks came yesterday; we really like them! They are light and can breathe easily. The shirt I ordered fits perfect!”
- Shirley M.