Retired: Release the Catfish

November 30, 2019
#GoRogue with Rogue Panda Apparel Company

Release the Catfish Logo

It’s easy to blame Detroit for the catfish phenomenon. Or even Florida and their rats, but the catfish tradition is definitely a tradition of its own. The tradition is said to have started in 2002 when some faithful (drunk?) Preds fans decided to throw a catfish onto the ice. Since then, fans have smuggled in catfish - some fresh from the river out back and others from the local seafood shop - and chucked them on the ice to rally the crowd at the beginning or the game, to celebrate the first Predators’ goal, or even to rally the troops into a ferocious come back.

It’s not necessarily a legal activity in Nashville or otherwise, but we know you want to be a part of the tradition somehow. And now you can with this Rogue Panda exclusive design featuring the Nashville Predators pick logo and a fun take on a flathead catfish.

More on the tradition can be found here.

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