Design Feature: Night Music

Design Feature: Night Music

While many of our designs have an air of snarkiness, not everything we design is that way.  Sometimes we tackle more serious designs, like our Night Music shirt.

Night Music came about because of a love for music, vintage line art, and typography. I had read the the Longfellow poem "The Day is Done" quite some time ago and had the chance to re-read it about 8 years ago and was inspired.  The poem can do that to you.

My of the design I coem up with I love, and a few I'm not so sure about, but after years in the design industry, I've learned that sometimes the things I don't like are the exact things someone else wants and vice versa.  This one, however, is a personal favorite.  The gray scale line art pops and the typography looks like a vintage advertisement.  To me, it's a perfect, subtle graphic shirt design that could be worn by nearly anyone. 


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