Design Feature: Earn Your Cookies

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Design Feature: Earn Your Cookies

Did you ever have something you really worked for?  Something that you had to put your all into to get to the spoils at the end?  That's what Earn Your Cookies is all about.

The initial concept comes from a long running joke among friends, but has lived on far beyond the road trips and late night Walmart runs.  It has come to stand for so much more.  It is the motto by which we should all live our lives.

If you want it, earn it.

For some time, Earn Your Cookies was simply a typography statement.  Arial splashed across a page, simultaneously inspiring and not inspiring.  Then, while working on a logo concept for a local hockey team while also watching Dodgeball...  The logo needed to be vintage/retro with sort of an Average Joe's meets Bob's Big Boy with a side helping of Jimmy Neutron.  And so it was born.


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