A Note From The CEO

March 19, 2020

Greetings Rogue Panda Apparel friends, family, and partners in crime!

These days, it’s hard to find a person or company that is not affected by COVID-19 (hereby known, by us, as ‘TheVirus’). At Rogue Panda Apparel Company, I’ve tried to hold off making too many references to The Virus because I wanted to keep some level of normalcy.

Our immediate Rogue Panda family is not as impacted by shut-downs. The good side of being an online company, I guess. I already manage and run this operation from my home and all of our cohorts (the people that let me use the word ‘we’) are also remote, so we will continue to run this tiny ship as usual. This doesn’t mean, however, that Rogue Panda isn’t affected at all. We know many of our customers may be affected by reduced work hours, shutdowns and quarantines. While we won’t turn away anyone’s order, please know that you can shop with us any time - we don’t want to be a reason for financial burden later for one little bit of retail therapy now. WE WILL STILL BE HERE FOR YOU! With that, we are not going to follow in other online retailers' move of offering “quarantine sales.” I feel like that is undermining the seriousness of the situation (and trust me when I say that we like to make light of stuff whenever we can) and is not a moral road we are willing to take. I guess you could say it’s just another way we like to #GoRogue.

At Rogue Panda Apparel Company, we also respect the procedures and processes of our vendors and suppliers who are also being affected by The Virus. If you do choose us (thank you), please note that there could be delays in production and delivery. We ask that you are extra patient as we work together to get you a little piece of happiness in this currently uncertain world.

Thank you for your time, patience and love. Stay safe, keep your distance, and wash your hands!

Amanda - Chief Panda/CEO
Rogue Panda Apparel Company

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