2019 Winter Hoodie Trends

November 19, 2019

2019 Winter Hoodie Trends

Designed in the 30’s to keep New York workers warm, the hoodie has become an invaluable stable in nearly everyone’s wardrobe. Whether you choose a solid color or design, bright or subdued, pull over or zip, you can hardly go wrong with a hoodie… and we’ve got plenty of them.

When it comes to styling your hoodie, be sure to coordinate your look in addition to the function. Sure, anyone can wear any hoodie with nearly any outfit - they really are that flexible - but why not make a statement instead?

First, play with layers. A shorter bodied hoodie with a long-tailed tee (long or short sleeve) can give depth to your outfit, beyond just flexibility. You can also layer on top of your hoodie with a swank leather or denim jacket, for a tough yet modern appeal.

Second, you need to consider blank vs. design. Of course we want you to buy one of our designs, but we also understand what you’re trying to say. If you do go blank, pump up the volume somewhere else in your ensemble. If you go for a design, coordinate in color, texture, or pattern to accentuate your unique style.

Think you’re ready to upgrade your hoodie game? Here are our top five hoodie designs for this winter season!

The Original Duck Duck Gray Duck

While one of our more regionally specific designs, it is certainly one of our top sellers! Since originally launching this design on Red Bubble in 2013, many have tried to copy us, but we have the original. If you’re not entirely sure why this design is such a big deal, find a Minnesotan and have them explain why a gray duck is better than a goose.


Home Series

Launching through the winter months, our Home series features all 50 US states in two different styles so you can represent exactly where you’re from and where you will always consider home.



A stoic design for any nature lover out there. It also feels patriotic without being in your face about it. Available in a wide array of colors, there’s an option that would pair well with jeans, khakis, or even your best camo!


Black Hole

A little more esoteric in nature, this dramatic design of an astronaut falling into a black hole is one of our best sellers. The bright colors contrasting on the dark background make for a compelling focal point, while the design as a whole is sure to ignite conversation.


Roar On

What started as a doodle has exploded into a fan favorite. The bright yellows and oranges play boldly against both dark and light hoodies, making for a dramatic centerpiece to any wardrobe. Step into the concrete jungle with this irresistible Rogue Panda design.


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