Behind the Design: Soar

August 31, 2019


Since 1782, the Bald Eagle has been an official symbol of the United States and far longer as a spiritual symbol for Native Americans. Their broad wings, commanding appearance, and regal stature sets it apart from other raptors. The gleaming white head of adult Bald Eagles is unmistakable and makes for a stunning design.

Soar concept sketchThis design takes on the style of some of our other recent designs (The Fox and the Moon, Roar On, Phoenix Rising), but ends with a very different tone - much more subdued. The design left in black and white outline did not do the bird justice and was screaming for more. Three different brown gradients are used on the body and win feathers to give depth and contrast. The subtle white & gray gradient on the head and tail bring the bird to life while the woods and mountains background provides an overall anchor.

While we do offer this design on our super-soft tees and hoodies, sure to spruce up any wardrobe, we think the most impressive designs are the housewares. The ultra soft fleece throw blankets are perfect for curling up on a chilly evening. Or fill one of our sublimated 11oz mugs with hot chocolate or coffee.

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