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Behind the Design: SKOL, Minnesota

Behind the Design: SKOL, Minnesota

SKOL, Minnesota

In Scandanvian cultures, skol meets greetings, cheers or to your good health. In Minnesota, it means game time. In a unifying cry, an entire stadium - possibly a state - puts their hands together for a booming “SKOL” to rouse the Minnesota Vikings into a furious frenzy.

The Green Bay Packers may have their cheese heads, but the Vikings have this:

This SKOL design is simple in concept, but big in meaning. The SKOL text is written in a font that mimics the official Minnesota Vikings font. Inside is a viking horn reminiscent of Vikings logos of the past. Uniquely combining present and future into one stunning design perfect for game day tailgates or posting up in front of the TV.

Offered in several apparel styles for everyone in the family, our designs are always a well-loved, broken in feel and printed to order with high quality, durable inks sure to last. We suggest you get matching t-shirt and hoodie so you can show off on the walk to the stadium and still be comfortable inside.

We also carry this design in a sublimated 11oz mug. Why should your closet have all the fun, after all?

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