Behind the Design: Sharky

August 24, 2019


With the popularity of Shark Week, we thought it was only fitting to create a little bit of a shark frenzy ourselves. After all, sharks are beautiful, underestimated creatures just like birds and butterflies.

This design, which recently went through a make-over and re-launch, features a cute but somehow still fearsome shark blasting through the water. The three tone shark body and water, although simple, provide a sense of depth and motion while not being overwhelming. The slight lime green highlight on the eye makes it jump off the product.

On sublimated products, such as blankets and phone cases, the background is a departure from the sleek or cartoonish, skewing more towards tech. This inspiration comes from the tactical or calculated way in which sharks hunt and behave. It provides a high contrast to the more cartoonish look of the overall character design.

Don’t let shark week end. All of our apparel is printed on demand for your custom order and are soft like you’ve owned them forever so you can wear is from day one and every day after (though, we do recommend washing it on occasion).

Don’t let you closet be the only one having fun, though. We also carry this design in stickers, soft fleece blankets, phone cases, mugs, and even backpacks.

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