Behind the Design: Raise It

September 28, 2019

Raise It

Corrupted from the French ‘Le Joli Rouge’, the Jolly Roger was initially a symbol of piracy. Flying the flag while approaching a ship mean surrender or die. To Pittsburgh Pirates fans, it just means an ever elusive victory over a worthy foe.

Any Pittsburgh Pirates fan will know what you mean if you simply say, “Raise It” and we do just that with this design.

The text is based on the Pittsburgh Pirates jersey lettering in Pirate gold and features an inlaid white and red pirate design. The crossbones replaced with bats, of course.

Our t-shirts are made of super soft cotton to give it that well-loved feel day in and day out. Our hoodies are ultra comfortable and perfect for a chilly evening or showing your team pride in the off season. We also have a wide array of home goods and accessories so you can be stylish no matter where you are.

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